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5 Awesome Story Prompts for Kids

Kids have a bottomless amount of creative energy.  Whether it’s before school or on long drives, youngsters are always ready to write or draw something amazing.  While kids always seem to be in the moode to create, sometimes the idea of what to draw or write is hard to think of.  It’s not uncommon in my household to hear the phrase, “What should I write?” or “What should I draw?”.  I don’t mind the question. Actually, I enjoy it. Coming up with the base ideas of what my kids should draw or write is fun and I love seeing how they take basic ideas and turn them into stories are drawings I couldn’t of imagined.  So, here are 5 cures for not having anything to write or draw about:


  1. Something is coming down the chimney but it’s not Santa Clause.
  2. A bouncy ball is out of control and every time it bounces it grows bigger
  3. There’s a magic pen hidden in the attic, whatever is drawn with it comes to life.
  4. A lamp is delivered to your house, but when it’s turned on something other than light comes out.
  5. Someone from a different time or place is communicating with you using your cars speakers.


Hope you enjoyed those 5 amazing story and drawing ideas for kids.  Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what they came up with.



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