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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Turkeys

Thanksgiving is upon us which means it’s time to write a blog post in order to capture that all important holiday readership. I was thinking about a “how to not carve a turkey” video but I really don’t want to get raw turkey bits all over my camera.  Instead, lets talk about 5 things you never knew you wanted to know about turkeys.  With this information you absolutely have awkward conversations with your family about the very thing they are consuming. Here we go:

  1. Boy turkeys are called “gobblers,” after the sound they make to try and hang out with hens, also known as girl turkeys.
  2. That bumpy looking fleshy thing that hangs over the top of a Turkey’s bill is called a Snood.
  3. Boy turkeys poop spirals and girl turkeys poop in the shape of the letter J. Look it up.
  4. You have to pluck a lot of feathers to eat a turkey, around 5000.
  5. Turkey can communicate using 20 different sounds and each turkey’s voice is unique.

There are lots of other facts out there about turkeys and Thanksgiving traditions. If you feel that five fun facts won’t get you through the holiday go search out more amazing things you never knew about turkeys.  Five is enough though, trust me.

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