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Top 5 Reasons Big Foot is Real…Maybe

I grew up near big foot country. The deep damp forests of the pacific northwest serve as inspiration for my imagination, still, I’ve never been a believer in big foot.   On a recent trip through the California redwoods I started to wonder why some people believe in the furry Sasquatch creatures. After some light-hearted  research here’s the top 5 reasons people believe in big foot.

1. Eye Witness Accounts

A lot of people claim to have seen a big foot. Its hard to say if these eye witnesses accounts  are credible or if witnesses are experiencing group think or possibly just having fun with the culture of big foot.

2. The Patterson-Gimlin Film

This is the famous film of what looks like a man in a big foot costume walking through an clearing in the forest. Big Foot supporters say the the proportions of the figure make it unlikely to be a human. Many of people claim this film is a hoax. Some have even claimed to be in on the hoax.

3. Indigenous People Accounts

Many indigenous people groups have cultural stories about large furry beings with big feet walking around looking for food. Big foot believers believe these older stories lend credibility to their claims.

4. Sound Recordings

Recordings were made in the California Mountains in the 1970’s and claim to be authentic recordings of bigfoots making yelling sounds unlike other animals.

5. Foot Prints

There are a lot of foot prints. There have also been a lot of big foot foot print fakers.

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